Almost no industry is exempt from the increasing demands of the regulatory environment and constant struggle to optimize operational efficiency. These issues are particularly relevant to the healthcare industry, as recent years have brought massive changes to the industry on all levels. 

While many of the mandated changes offer improvements for consumers and providers, they also create some very real challenges for businesses in the healthcare sector. In addition to the regulatory changes, healthcare related companies constantly have to scale their operations to deal with the growing volume of data, security issues and fluid IT requirements to remain effective.

Flexible IT Support for a Rapidly Changing Healthcare Environment

We have extensive experience with helping small and medium sized companies in the healthcare industry meet these challenges. We understand the unique challenges they face, the regulatory environment and their need for reliable services they can trust. Additionally, we are knowledgeable about the ongoing process of developing systems and procedures for integrating patient data electronically on an industry wide basis.

While large and giant sized healthcare corporations have multiple teams of IT professionals and huge budgets to help them comply and adjust to these demands, small and mid-sized healthcare businesses are in a much different position.

Increased competition, additional regulatory requirements and narrow profit margins means, small and mid-sized operations need IT support that is experienced in the industry, can provide services that are easily adjusted and has a cost structure that is affordable. 

Increasing Demands

  • Industry wide data integration requirements
  • Industry wide system and network compatibility requirements
  • EHR or electronic health records management
  • HIE or health information exchanges
  • ICD-10 and HIPPA standards

With all of the ongoing and future changes in the industry, we believe it is crucial for small and medium sized healthcare related businesses to ensure they have a technology infrastructure positioned to scale and adjust as needed.

We offer flexible and customized IT support services on an individual basis or as a complete Managed Services Plan. All of our services are designed for the needs of each individual client, with flexibility and efficiency as a primary focus. We have several price structures available and always work with our clients to find the most cost effective solution available that still accomplishes their long-term objectives.

Contact us today and find out how we can help your business move forward.