The data backup and disaster recovery market has exploded over the last several years, becoming flooded with companies from every corner of the globe, promising absolute data security and impeccable integrity. There is no question, technical parameters, encryption standards and exact details of backup processing are crucial considerations for choosing a data storage provider. However, I believe there is one factor far more important than the technology standards.

Trust: Never Given, Always Earned

Even the most tech savvy individuals, sometimes fail to appreciate the vital importance of choosing the right data backup and recovery service. When you hire a company to provide this very necessary function, you are handing them a master key that unlocks your entire business and personal life. 

They will have complete and unrestricted access, to every byte and bit of data about you, all of your employees, your vendors and every single customer. If you take just a moment to think about the massive volume and type of data potentially at risk, it is truly frightening. 

The reality is, it is impossible to have 100% certainty about a company's integrity or absolute certainty a particular technology solution will be 100% secure. However, I urge you to consider relationship quality and how much trust you have in the service provider, before making the technical details of the data backup service the only deciding factor. 

We strongly believe the defining difference allowing Blue Cotton Tech to deliver reliable services and develop trusted client relationships, is the integrity of our people and absolute dedication to our company values.

Before you allow a service provider access to your business, ask yourself these 5 important questions about the service provider.

  • Can I trust the provider's personal integrity?
  • Can I trust the provider's employees?
  • Can I trust the provider's judgement of third-party services?
  • Can I trust the provider's company policies and procedures?
  • Can I trust the quality of the provider's IT support and technology solutions?

Managed Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Services. Reliable Technology, Advanced Security Solutions & Client. Service You Can Depend On

We offer reliable and affordable data backup and disaster recovery services with mandated security procedures, advanced level encryption from end-to-end and data deduplication. We only use technology solutions that have proven themselves reliable over long periods and we perform a daily review of our equipment and processes to ensure operational integrity.  

  • Data backup and disaster recovery services are included in our managed services platform or available as an individual service
  • Daily monitoring of backup status
  • Established disaster recovery process for restoring complete network data
  • Flexible options based on the data needs of your business
  • Enterprise level backups with the data secured in our data center
  • Advanced level encryption
  • Automatic backup procedures
  • Scalable solutions always positioned to adjust to the current state of your business 

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Three Crucial Things You Need From a Managed Data Backup Service

First, the most obvious item you need from a backup services provider is high-level security and reliable technology. You need to be confident you are dealing with a provider that is serious about protecting your data.    

Second, you should really make an effort to deal with a provider you trust, or at least feel you can establish a good relationship with them over time. Technology and safeguards go a long way in keeping your data safe, but also having a company that is truly looking out for your best interest is very important as well.

Finally, you need a provider who is reliable and will follow through on what they say. Remember, if you do experience a major problem and need your data recovered, your service provider will be the one who facilitates that process. A professional and experienced data backup service can restore data in a matter of hours, not days. 

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