Our Managed Services represent a significant portion of our business, and for a very good reason. Once we have an opportunity learn about a client's business, we then develop a customized plan that includes several different choices in the level of services with a range of price points. 

A very brief review and comparison of service plans, with pricing, make it obvious Managed Services Plans offer the best client value and significantly reduce costs. 

Our Approach and Process

Technology Infrastructure Review & Assessment 

Our initial step in the evaluation process is to conduct a complete technology audit of your current business technology structure. Our review process is extremely detailed and it takes us the better part of an entire day to work through the list of action items.

The review and assessment process is perhaps the most important function we perform in our entire business. It gives us extremely valuable insight into your current technology needs, exposes areas that need immediate and significant improvement, along with ideas about how your technology infrastructure needs to be structured. 

Additionally, as we move forward and work with you on a daily basis, it allows us to position your technology structure for future growth, expanded capabilities and defend against potential problems.  

Service Plan Options and Implementation for Continued Management

At this stage, we develop a customized proposal that includes several different choices in the level of services and varying price points. Once the client chooses a plan and we discuss value added services such as VOIP, Email Hosting and a range of other services, we immediately begin planning for implementation.

Normally, complete implementation of a Managed Services Plan happens over the course of 5-7 days, depending on the level of hardware and structural changes required. Upon complete plan implementation, we conduct a review meeting with the client to ensure all issues and concerns are currently resolved. 

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At this point, the process of continued management and daily network monitoring begins. Client support staff and technicians receive final assignments with instructions, along with an ongoing fixed schedule.      

Available Managed Services Plans

There are two segments of solutions within our managed services platform. The first segment is our Core Level Managed Services Plan and the second segment is our Value Added Individual Solutions.

Our Core Level Managed Services Plan includes a fixed set of IT support solutions and combines them with a comprehensive list of network management processes. This provides complete business technology support services and establishes a minimum accepted level of client services. This plan is within a managed services price structure that delivers exceptional value to clients. 

Our Value Added Individual Solutions are available to clients who require additional support for a specific area of their business. These solutions are available individually, with no maximum limit, and are eligible for inclusion into the Core Level Plan at the reduced managed services pricing format. 

Core Level Managed Services Plan Features. Providing Complete Network Support and IT Management Solutions That Deliver Exceptional Client Value

Below is a complete list of the IT solutions, support functions and network management processes included in the Core Level Managed Services Plan.

Network Maintenance & Administrative Tasks 

  • Two account engineers assigned on a permanent basis
  • Hardware and software registration, warranty administration and licensing management
  • System documentation management
  • Network Visio diagram
  • Regular network performance reports provided to the client
  • Analyze network performance trends to identify potential issues
  • Provide suggestions for solutions to maintain network performance and security integrity

System Security & Network Monitoring

  • Perform network critical patch applications 
  • Manage server and workstation critical security and performance updates 
  • 24 Hour security and system efficiency monitoring of all devices in the network
  • Manage and monitor system data security protocols
  • Review and analyze reports from scheduled antivirus scans
  • Maintain and monitor firewall software for the entire network

Help Desk Support Services

  • Remote assistance
  • On-site assistance
  • Emergency services
  • Access to support staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Troubleshooting assistance

Managed Backups

  • Daily monitoring of backup status
  • Established disaster recovery process for restoring complete network data
  • Flexible options to fit the volume of data you need to store
  • Enterprise level data backup services secured in our data center hosting facility

Client Web Portal

  • Client Web Portal allows easy access for tracking project progress
  • Convenient updates and messaging capability
  • Provides an alternative method of communication that is not time intensive
  • Provides a convenient channel for submitting documents and information

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Value Added Individual Solutions. Providing Expanded Functionality & Eligible. For Managed Services Price Reductions.

We offer a wide range of flexible Value Added Individual Solutions that increase productivity, improve efficiency and offer dynamic business solutions. The specific tools we utilize for these solutions can change as improved products enter the market and offer better value.

These solutions can be added into the Core Level Managed Services Plan and qualify for the managed services reduced pricing format. Additionally, you can choose a single Value Added Solution or multiple solutions for greater flexibility and improved productivity at all levels of your business. 

Available Value Added Individual Solutions:

  • Private Cloud Hosting 
  • Data Center Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • Business Productivity Tools
  • IT Consulting & Strategic Planning
  • VOIP and Mobile Solutions

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