Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud hosting offers small and medium sized businesses upfront cost savings, while providing a hosting platform that maximizes performance and offers excellent flexibility. In today's business environment, remaining as flexible as possible and avoiding large infrastructure costs brings a list of benefits to smaller companies. 

A large part of growing your business and remaining stable is avoiding large investments, that also bring expensive maintenance costs, such as your own on-site server.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

  • Low or no initial investment
  • Easy to manage avoiding upgrade and maintenance costs
  • No power or space requirements
  • Manageable fixed monthly cost
  • Can be scaled as your business grows
  • Flexible compatibility with multiple operating systems

We offer a range of customized and flexible cloud hosting plans that can be adjusted to fit your individual company and budget. We can help you avoid the large initial investment an on-site server requires, while still delivering a platform that offers dynamic capability and allows for future adjustments as your company grows.

Customized Benefits of Blue Cotton Tech's Cloud Hosting Services

  • Personal and customized service and solutions
  • Direct line of communication with support staff, engineers and the owners
  • Blue Cotton Tech knows your network and your business, allowing for issue free data transfers
  • Dealing with Blue Cotton Tech allows you to adjust services and system requirements on a much more efficient basis 
  • One provider dealing with all of your IT needs should offer cost reduction and consistent quality
  • On-site and Off-site support from engineers that know your business and your network

Blue Cotton Tech Services Data Center Hosting

We have customized Data Center Hosting Plans, offering our clients all the benefits of having their own data center without the upfront costs of bandwidth, power, hardware and infrastructure. You will enjoy a secure and flexible environment for a fixed monthly payment and maintain the flexibility to adjust your hosting needs at any time.

Customized Plans Offering Reliable Costs and Still Maintains Your Independence

Our Data Center Hosting Plans are an excellent fit for companies that need maximum capability, but would like to avoid some of the expansive infrastructure costs associated with building your own data center. 

Get the power and space you need without the extra cost!

  • Fixed monthly cost, while avoiding bandwidth, power and the cost of building your own data center
  • Maximum capability and performance with controlled overhead
  • Affordable plans that make sense
  • 99% server uptime
  • Avoids a large investment in expensive infrastructure
  • Maximize server performance capabilities without making a long-term commitment
  • Plans can be scaled up or down to fit your business

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