Blue Cotton Tech helps small and medium sized businesses compete by offering customized solutions with advanced technology that was once only available to large corporations with large budgets. Many small businesses have phone systems that are outdated and deliver low quality service with limited flexibility. In addition, older systems can be very expensive to operate, maintain and repair.

We can design and implement a phone system for your business using state of the art technology that will offer a range of benefits in both cost control and increased productivity. If you have an office with five employees or multiple locations with hundreds of employees, we can deliver a cost effective solution that provides dynamic capabilities.

Eliminate expensive monthly service charges, costly maintenance bills and the rigid requirements of conventional phone service.

Features and Benefits of VoIP Service

Reduce & Eliminate

  • Reduce Monthly Service Charges
  • Reduce Maintenance and Replacement Costs
  • Eliminate the Need for Old T-1 Lines
  • Eliminate Expensive Phone Boards and Hardware Costs
  • Limited Performance and Capabilities of Conventional Phone Service

Softphones and Virtual PBX Systems

Softphones and Virtual PBX Systems can offer you phone service with almost unlimited possibilities. Not only will you have reliable and high performance phone service at your office, these VoIP components allow you to take your office phone service with you anywhere in the world. You can use your laptop, desktop computer or smartphone to make and receive calls, and even hold web conferences while traveling or on the go.

It doesn't matter if you are at home, on business in Atlanta or in Dubai to meet clients, your VoIP office service travels with you and provides service anywhere you have an internet connection. Not only does it offer a long list of available features such as web conferencing and the ability to forward your incoming office calls to any location you wish, you also enjoy a cost effective flat rate monthly service fee without additional charges.

Improve and Increase Capability

  • Improve Productivity
  • Mobile and Flexible Communication Options
  • Increase Office Efficiency
  • HD Web Conferencing
  • Use Your Office Phone Service Anywhere in the World
  • Cost Effective Flat Rate Monthly Service
  • Services Travels With You Everywhere You Go
  • e-Fax Capable
  • Easily Integrates With Other Software

VoIP is an option that every small and medium sized business should take advantage of to cut costs and increase office efficiency. It's not often you find a business solution that offers significant benefits without a tradeoff of some kind; VoIP is that type of solution. Let us design a system scaled specifically for your operation and enjoy the immediate benefits VoIP can offer your business.

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