Technology alone does not integrate business processes, people and systems. Understanding a business’s needs while implementing technology and strategies to improve process/ user experience requires a 10,000-foot view with an intimate understanding of what’s happening on the ground.

Blue Cotton Tech’s Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) services offer businesses of all sizes a strategic advantage by providing expert, executive-level technology guidance without the overhead cost of a full-time executive. This service is designed to align a company’s IT strategy with its business goals, ensuring that technology investments drive growth and efficiency – all within a budget that best serves the client.

Our Virtual CIO services include

Tech Roadmap

Steer and provide continual guidance of new technology and leveraging existing technology.

Budget Forecasting

Providing annual budget guidance on MRC and NRC items, including hardware refresh cycles, projects, and hosted services.

Policies & Procedures

Work with team to deliver P&P around all facets of IT including DR, acceptable use, security, remeditation, etc

Process Standardization

Co-develop data flow, reporting, and visualization as well as a standard user process.

Procurement Managment

Simplify and standardize the procurement process to cut down lead time on standard config equipment and enable budgetable refresh cycles.

User Training

Faciliate user training for new techonology initiatives as well as deep dives for select users for existing platforms

IT Assesment & Management

Feedback on state of IT,system peformance, usage, and potential bottlenecks. Proactive management of IT systems.

Asset Management

Live inventory of all assets, patch management, remote monitoring, remote support and security status.

Vendor Management

Liason between IT vendors to coordinate implementation and remediation while minimizing impact on users.

Project Management

Manage, and maintain updated timeline/project cost estimates. Coordinate resources and any vendors for seamless transition/implementation.

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